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YogaChi currently offers two types of massage: Thai Yoga Massage and Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage.


Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient system of healing that has its roots in traditional Thai medicine. The massage is practised fully clothed on a comfortable floor mat and combines assisted stretches, massage, acupressure, energy work, and meditation. You will be positioned in a variety of yoga-like positions during the massage, and pillows, blankets and other props are available for your comfort.


A 90 minute Thai Yoga Massage is a ‘head to toe’ experience. Benefits include:

  • Improved mobility and flexibility – helping to create space in the body, through traction and mobilisation of joints;

  • Reduced tension, tightness and pain – through the release of muscles and fascia;

  • Enhanced circulation – working with the pathways within the body in which movement occurs (e.g. nerves, lymphatic system);

  • Deep relaxation and meditation – after a Thai Yoga Massage, most people say they feel deeply relaxed, with an overall sense of wellbeing.

Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage

Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage, although based on regular Thai Yoga Massage (above), is specifically designed for mothers-to-be. The massage is deeply relaxing, and can relieve stress, promote wellness and help with sleep, aches and pains and anxiety.

Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage uses chairs, bolsters, cushions and blankets to make sure you are always comfortable and supported.

What to Wear for Your Massage

Comfortable stretchy clothes. You may want to bring socks, if your feet get cold.


Although a 60 minute massage is available, Thai Yoga Massage is designed as a 90 minute practice. To receive the full benefits of the massage, the full 90 minutes is recommended.

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